Other Services

Over the years, my extensive Midwife career has opened up some wonderful new doors for me to offer both Healing Treatments and Midwifery Tours.  

I look forward to connecting with you.


I  offer one on one sessions to rebalance the body and mind. I look forward to sharing a space that enables you to find harmony and health, using the methods I have been taught over the years in Israel and Australia. I use a combination of techniques (Spalter, Reiki, Pranic Healing) which incorporate both physical and hands off methods depending upon what is required at the time.

Sessions are available for men, women and children in Wembley and Dunsborough. You can find more information here. 


For culturally sensitive, passionate, curious midwives, wanting to experience the delights of Ghana. You will be met at the airport by myself who will accompany you, along with translators to villages in remote regions to work alongside traditional birth attendants and visit clinics, hospitals and midwifery schools. There is also time to relax on the beaches, be amazed by the markets in West Africa, enjoy local dancing and drumming and fall in love with the hospitality! Most importantly you’ll slow down to be in sync with ‘Africa time’, and its then that you’ll truly hear the heartbeat of Africa. We had full capacity on our last two trips, and at present do not have any planned up coming tours. 

TRIP feedback........

" It was the best experience of my life, you have opened up the doors to an inner sanctum of glorious, generous people" Ellen

"Ghana opened my heart, the faith, the traditional wisdom, the birth culture, the community! you cant put an experience like this into words, an amazing grounding experience" Tori

"It has more than lived up to my hopes and expectations. Its impossible to put into words the emotions, experiences, sights, smells- i have fallen in love with Ghana". Fiona

"Thank you for the time, effort and planning that has gone into this trip- each day was the best ever! Its truly inspirational. You have restored my faith in birthing women, and birth itself" Pip

"We could not have experienced this without your guidance. Your ability to build relationships and connections with others is inspiring- thank you for opening your heart and your world to us. Im so grateful"  Jamie

Your time to flourish, grow, enjoy and be.

Live Sessions

For upcoming events around the world, I will post on my facebook page.