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.....It isn’t often we are on the precious path of pregnancy, with the opportunity to choose preparation for birth classes, so it’s important you chose one that fits you and is with the best- so you can relax knowing you are in safe, competent, extraordinary hands.  

Midwife 'Mama Lee' begins with four main classes that are designed to be easy to follow. They are calm, clear and comprehensive. They gently explore, inform and support you at each step. They have been developed over 15 years of professional experience working with women and families as a midwife, all around the world, and evolved as i have supported thousands of women in their pregnancy, labour, births and postpartum period. Methods included are similar to Hypnobirth, Calm Birth, Active birth and Lamaze, so you get the benefits of a range of techniques and helpful insights....which is just the beginning..because here at Mama Lee, we then go deeper into topics you wont find anywhere else, and sets us apart from any other program available....with experts! Its time to EXPAND and be fully, completely supported with love and kindness.

As a member your main classes are...


Antenatal Care / A Woman's Inner World / Creating Space for baby / Preparing for birth / Signs of Labour / Ideal Position / 4 Key Messages
Stage 1 Labour / Stage 2 Labour / Birth Animation / Patricia's Birth / Eva's Birth / Mabel's Birth
Delivering the Placenta / Exploring the Placenta / Supporting Yourself / Finding Relief / Ways to Comfort Her / Precious First Hours / What to Pack
Healing / Caring for Baby / Breast Feeding Top Tips / Breast Feeding Animation / Journeying into motherhood
As a Mama Lee online class member you shall also receive.....


Your lovingly created class notes guide you through each class so that you know exactly what is coming up next, and you can take down words of wisdom as we go along.


Once you have finished the classes, your birth plan template will give you a way of reflecting on what you have learned and help you to shape and develop what your wishes are for birth. This is not set in evolves as you do and helps you know what your choices are.


Explore delights and insights from gorgeous health practitioners including Naturopaths, GP Obstetrician, Nutritionist, Yoni Massage Trainer, Transformational coach... These practitioners have been hand selected for their integrity, holistic approach, expertise and skill. You will also receive advice from: beautiful mothers; the Vice President of Yoga Australia will take you through pregnancy yoga practices; and you’ll have access to supportive affirmations, water birth info, first aid, births that require special care, ...and some surprises……all to assist you to go deeper than any other program! Lets joyfully prepare for long term health as we start working together.


You will be invited via email to live questions and answers with Midwife, Mama Lee online. The sessions enable you to have your questions answered personally and discover the keys to a great birth. It’s a great opportunity to connect with a birth expert, feel supported, discuss topics with warmth and kindness, and clarify any material from the classes. Who doesnt need to learn about pleasure, perineums, personal development, physiology, choices, care, and how to have the best birth? 

My Class Participants

"Lee is a beautiful presenter, she was really relatable. Both my husband and I learned a lot, especially about being clear on making decisions that were right for us. I feel well prepared and confident for our baby girl's arrival. Thank you for creating these amazing classes."
Lana and Sam, expecting their 1st baby in hospital.

"Loved that there was light-hearted moments. as well as great insight. I wasn't sure my partner would like it, but he was totally into it and it was him asking to take notes! Feeling confident and excited. "
Anja and Greeny, expecting their 1st baby in hospital.

Carissa. "5 Stars. Thank you for these amazing classes.  We both got so much out of them and are so glad we chose to go with your classes. I loved how they were put together, your voice, your personality and energy in the classes. I feel more prepared and informed and feel great going forward in my journey"

Toby. "Fantastic course! A vast array of relevant information delivered in a well pieced and easily digestible manner. Filled with essentials and numerous hot tips from someone who clearly has bounds of experience. Get on board; you wont regret it."

Toby and Carissa, expecting their 1st baby, and planning a hospital birth.

"Its been a while since we went to classes for our first and as we are hoping for a home birth, thought it would be a good idea to brush up. It turned out to be a great idea! We live in the country, have other kids, and were looking for something that were more than just birth classes. They are full of wisdom, preparation for body and mind, and other practitioners who I wouldn’t have had access to. Loved it! Put my mind and body at ease. Thanks so much."
Amy and Ben, expecting their 3rd baby at home.

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Join internationally trained, leading global birth expert and midwife Mama Lee, in her indepth,

comprehensive program for expecting parents- considering hospital or home birth.

What could be a more important investment- than in the health of you and your baby?

This Program will ensure you are off on the right foot.


to support and celebrate your entire journey


beautifully designed to enrich your experience & capture your notes


your template to shape and develop what your wishes are for birth


exclusive insights and delights from expert health practitioners & guests 


classes + support + special extras PLUS exclusive Q&As


for you, your partner and your baby!

3 month membership

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At what number weeks pregnant is it good to start the classes?

My feeling is that you could start the classes anywhere from 20 weeks (any earlier than that, I think is a bit too soon), and up to 37 weeks.

I’ve read lots of books, will the classes give me anything I don’t already know?

Absolutely! I know from feedback from my classes- this was the best investment they’d made in pregnancy. Pregnant couples loved seeing and hearing the material, and re watching what they'd really loved. They also said that having topics discussed in a non-judgemental way that offered suggestions and options was very helpful.

I’m having my first baby, are these classes right for me?

Yes, absolutely!. The content has been developed over many years and helped hundreds of first time parents to work towards a better birth and long term emotional and physical wellbeing. The classes are very comprehensive and have evolved to put both your body and mind at ease so that your birth is best supported.

I’ve had a baby/ babies before, are these classes right for me?

I would say, some of the material will be familiar to you and act as a refresher. However what would be of huge value to you is the fact that the content is more than the physical action of giving birth, it’s this aspect that sets them apart and will put you on the path for a special experience, especially if your first birth was not how you may have wished and perhaps you may like to do some things a little differently this time. These classes help you to be in the centre of your care like never before!

I’m planning on a C-section, will this class be of benefit for me?

I always feel that having knowledge of our bodies and our minds is vitally important. Although I do take time to teach about vaginal birth, there is wisdom that is transferrable between vaginal birth and C-section birth, and many things to be gained in terms of preparation, strength, decision making, having your options explored, breastfeeding, caring for baby, ways your partner can support you, and feeling that you are part of a birthing community. Inviting your baby into the world is precious and there are decisions you can make in leading up to your C-section and during the birth for the physical and emotional health of you and your baby which are discussed. Yes,  there would be benefits for you! Who doesnt need to learn about pleasure, perineums, personal development, physiology, choices, care, and practical advice from super beautiful experts! x please note the class is not specifically targeted towards C-section.

How will online classes help me?

Some of the joys of online classes are;
Save time- no commuting.
Cosy- being in the comfort of your own home.
Learning- at a time that suits you and your lifestyle.
Rewatch- whenever you wish and how often you wish within the 3 months, so you never miss a thing!
Exclusive access to Mama Lee Midwife- everyone around the world can have access to this wonderful information.
Online opens up the world- so you can access the best people - to guide you.
I want to show you - you can have the most delightful experience, having walked on this path with 1000's of women, i know that online works. If you feel you are missing out by not attending in person classes, believe me- You are missing nothing but a cold room, full of people who you don't know, who are often socially disengaged, get overwhelmed with so much info in one day you feel your head will explode, or receive only a fragment of what is truly needed, and have bad tea and biscuits. You're worth more than that!