Birth Stories

Some of the diverse and varied births from treasured families who have shared their special journey with me in the past ( when i was a practising midwife x).

I think its a good idea you know who the person is that you are trusting to take you through birth classes- don't you? xx


This being the first pregnancy with a midwife - it was the greatest pregnancy and birth out of all six.

From my first meeting with Lee I felt comfortable and had no problems being open with her. My other five kids love her too. I felt a warmth from her, she explained things that I had never had explained to me before, and she listened to me as well.

Even though I have been through it before, this was the first time ever that I had been given the chance to decide my maternity care - it was great. I was unaware how many options were available to me. I wish I had had her for my previous pregnancies.

This birth, my homebirth, was the best ever.

Moana, homebirth on sacred land

Thank you doesn't seem enough to express the gratitude we have for you.

Your words of advice and encouragement played the biggest role in getting us through what seemed a very long labour.

Thanks to you we had an entirely positive experience and wouldn't have changed a thing. Thank you for giving me every opportunity to have a natural delivery.

With much love. Becky, Luke and 'Ethan'. Transfer to hospital from a birth centre

What a magnificent midwife you are! Thank you so much for being part of our birth experience.

You have such a gentle and encouraging presence, you gave me the strength and belief when I needed it.

You have such a calming influence- the epitome of a perfect, wonderful midwife. Thank you so very much.

Katie, George, Jellicoe and 'Bertie'. Born in the membranes

Thank you so much for all your support, expertise and kindness and helping us to have the birth experience we wanted. You have been amazing and we'll be forever grateful to have shared the birth of Anabel with you.

Melanie, Patrick, Leon and 'Anabel'

Thank you so much for your support and compassion during my pregnancy and for the birth of 'cedar'. We had a wonderful experience with you as our midwife.

Katherine, Blair, Jasper and 'Cedar'

Thank you so much for all of your help. Your calm, warm approach made it a truly wonderful experience.

Pippa, Paul, and 'Leah'

We were incredibly fortunate to have lee as our midwife for the birth of our son.

She did her utmost to respect our birth plan and when we transferred to the hospital for complications she transferred with us and remained well into the morning to deliver our baby safely. It was a challenging birth, but lees calm and gentle manner and encouragement made it easier.

We were very impressed by her dedication to her clients and her professionalism. If we have another child, we'd consider ourselves incredibly lucky to work with lee.

Rebekah K, Sean and 'Luca'

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me over the past few months. Your care and concern has always been amazing and I'm so grateful.

You are an amazing midwife and whoever has the pleasure of having you there for the birth of their baby is truly blessed.

Sarah, Dan, Tobi and 'Riley'

Thank you doesn't seem enough to express the gratitude we have for you.

Your words of advice and encouragement played the biggest role in getting us through what seemed a very long labour.

Thanks to you we had an entirely positive experience and wouldn't have changed a thing. Thank you for giving me every opportunity to have a natural delivery.

With much love. Becky, Luke and 'Ethan'. Transfer to hospital from a birth centre

Very happy with the care provided by my midwife. Very positive birthing experience in spite of being a 'high' risk pregnancy. Looking forward to next time! A big thank you.


My partner and I were lucky enough to have Lee as our midwife.

We had previously met Lee at a birthing class that we took and we felt an instant connection with her as she was on the same page as us.

The information we received from her was so reassuring and put us completely at ease before the birth. The delight we felt when we saw Lee was indescribable.

From the moment we were in Lee's care I felt safe and she gave me the strength to get through my labour. I honestly felt like I couldn't have done it without her, she knew the perfect things to say at the perfect time.

Being our first birth we didn't know at all what to expect, and Lee was incredible at making it a very beautiful experience. She really encouraged my partner and myself to take in the experience and have a lot of private time together whilst going through the labour to realise the true power of a mother's body.

I can't wait to have Lee present at my next birth, it was a true pleasure having her as my midwife and I would recommend her to every mother I know.

Rebecca, Taj and 'Arabella'

Thank you for sharing with us the most beautiful experience and the most important day of our lives- we will never forget you.

Cata, Jodi and 'Olivia'

We can't thank you enough for being there during the labour and birth of Zephran.

I felt so secure with you as our midwife. You have such an amazing bedside manner- born to do it. Thank you thank you thank you from the absolute bottom of our hearts.

Rebecca, Luke, Patch and 'Zephran'

Dear Lee, what an angel and a rock you have been for Michael and I during the most precious and precarious of times.

Your support has meant so much to us and we hope you know how important you have been in Thomas's entry in to the world and our lives.

We hope your new adventure in Dunsborough fills your heart and creates more space for moments like these.

Lots of love and warm wishes, Michael, Cindy and 'Thomas'

Dear Lee, we searched and searched for a gift for you to say thank you but we came up with nothing material to really show you how thankful we are for the huge role you played bringing our beautiful healthy baby Freya into the world.

Words can't express how amazing the birth of our beautiful baby girl was and the day was made even more amazing because of you. We wanted to remind you how 'awesome' you are.

You have out so much of your life into bringing others into the world. Thank you for all the support, care, kindness, strength, and hugs you gave myself, Steven and 'Freya'.

You will always have a place in our hearts and thoughts, Lauren, Steven and 'Freya'

I cannot write in words how grateful I am that you have been my midwife through this pregnancy too.

You gave me the confidence and support to overcome my fears and have a wonderful birth- as he flew into this life.

You gave such amazing support leading up to the birth, during and for being thereafter.

You are one of the most caring, genuine people I have had the pleasure of getting to know.

All our love, Becky, Luke, Ethan and 'Alex'

Lee answered anything and everything we threw at her, and she gave complete answers. She involved us in the planning of our care and went above and beyond (even a shoulder to cry on). Lee is an amazing midwife, so dedicated and caring. She was a hugely important part in my beautiful birth, pregnancy, and ongoing care- I will miss her greatly.


Lee went the extra mile during labour and delivery and provided the extra care I needed afterwards. She helped me feel very safe and in control. It was a very special and memorable time for our family.


Once again, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you have done for' Kayla', Poss and I.

You were fantastic throughout my pregnancy, birth and beyond. You are caring, thoughtful, understanding and extremely knowledgeable, all of these components make for an exceptionally fine midwife/ friend. We wish you all the best and trust that you will follow your heart.

With love, Meredith, Poss and 'Kayla'. Vaginal breech baby

We wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge the wonderful care we received from our midwife, lee at all our antenatal appointments as well as during labour, what a wonderful service.

Gemma and 'Ava'. Born while mother on all fours

Thank you so much for being so wonderfully caring and supportive during our labour.

You gave us the strength and belief to succeed and helped us to welcome our beautiful son into the world.

We are eternally grateful Gemma, Tom and 'Arthur'

Thank you so much for being there throughout the pregnancy and birth of our baby boy, also for giving advice- that was very helpful and for listening and respecting the decisions I made for myself.

Tu meke!! You are an awesome midwife.

Homebirth Ka Pai Ehoe. Arohanui, Shakaya, Roman and baby 'Vengeance'

Thank you so much for the amazing care you provided during my pregnancy and birth. You are an incredible midwife!

Thank you for all your support, guidance, and warmth and for delivering Anastasia into this world safely.

Thank you. Irina, Andrew, Nicholas and 'Anastasia'

Words cannot express how thankful we are for all the kindness, and support you have given us. We know part of it is your job but the other part is just your loving kindness and compassion and your wish to help others to bring their little souls into the world with gentleness and love.

We could not have asked for a better for a better start for our baby, that he was surrounded by peace and joy and that fills my heart with light.

Lots of love, Sally, Scot, Jeanie, and 'Atticus'

Thank you for helping our family to grow. You have no idea how much you helped us. You were like an anchor throughout for rowan, so that he was able to be a rock for Mala. You were so gentle and patient with me, you really are a beautiful soul and we are so grateful.

Lots of love, Rowan, Mala and 'Koa

I had the most wonderful birth because of Lee. The service I received from my midwife throughout pregnancy, labour and post natally was lovely. She provided me with all the support and information I needed.


I was totally happy, I feel very lucky to have had the birth experience I did at home with my midwife and family. It was handled by Lee with such support and sensitivity, I think she is a wonderful midwife, she has a natural, calming touch. My family think she is great!


I feel blessed to have had Lee as my midwife. My care was exceptional and I felt, along with my partner, fully supported 100% of the time and 100% involvement from Lee with regard to planning my care. Lee always respected my decisions and our values and allowed my partner and I time to discuss any decisions we had to make. This is a very important to me and Lee made our experience a very lovely one.