Online Antenatal Classes

Celebrating your pregnancy

Join birth expert and midwife Mama Lee in her online classes for expecting parents - today! For classes with warmth and kindness.

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Your time to flourish, grow, enjoy and be.

a note from Mama Lee...

I decided to create and curate these birth classes because I wanted women and families all around the world to have access to classes that prepare both body and mind in a beautiful, creative way. I also wanted to impart expertise and knowledge around choices and techniques (active birth, hypno birth, calm birth)  to provide support and solutions. My wish for all women is to enjoy a healthy, positive experience wherever and however they chose to birth their babies. I love sharing information that discusses birth, but feel its equally important to look at the whole picture leading up to and becoming parents, for long-term health x

important facts

* Internationally trained

* 98% Vaginal Birth Rate

* 11+ years teaching birth classes

* Highly qualified in both Hospital and Home Birth

* Midwifery Lecturer at Notre Dame University

* Led successful govt. projects for improving maternity care

* Part proceeds from classes are donated to support women in Africa

benefits for you

Easy, instant access to all classes & special guests 24/7- right away!

Accommodates for families planning either hospital or home birth

An opportunity to learn from leading birth expert & health practitioners

Feel inspired by a quality, insightful, nurturing learning journey

Join Me!

Join internationally trained, leading global birth expert and midwife Mama Lee, in her 

online classes for expecting parents considering hospital or home birth.


to support and celebrate your entire journey- available straight away

10 page CLASS NOTES 

beautifully designed to enrich your experience & capture your notes


your template to shape and develop what your wishes are for birth


exclusive insights and delights from expert health practitioners & guests


4 Classes +  support + special extras + Live Q & A with Mama Lee

WAS  $129

NOW $64.50 AU

for a limited time

(price in AUD, approx - US$40, GBP 35)

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A big thank you to all the expert health practitioners, creatives, my guests and Natalie Briney for the gorgeous artwork that has beautifully enriched the visual experience of  'Mama Lee Online Antenatal Classes' 

- with much gratitude & love, Mama Lee x