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a note from Mama Lee Midwife...

I want to take the worry out of pregnancy and shine light on the choices and techniques that will transform your body and your mind for birth and beyond. Come with me throughout your journey and have the solutions that reduce overwhelm, and leave you confident. Pregnancy goes fast and you wont want to miss this information that can safely guide you, dispel myths and build your boldness. Women and families have completed the program feeling confident, relaxed, proud, amazing and ..... so much more!

Join me & learn from the very best team who create a place of clarity, calm and beauty as you journey towards birthing your baby and parenthood. This is the only Program that will take you to the core,  put you in the centre, and ensure you enjoy a healthy positive experience wherever and however you chose to birth!

important facts

* Internationally & multinationally trained

* 98% Vaginal Birth Rate

* 11+ years teaching birth classes

* Highly qualified in both Hospital and Home Birth

* Birth conference presenter and researcher

* Midwifery Lecturer at Notre Dame University

* Led successful govt. projects for improving maternity care

* Body worker, trained healer, and personal development coach

* Part proceeds from classes are donated to support women in Africa


 Holistic pregnancy preparation, labour, birth, aftercare, newborn care, first aid....

+ 13 special extras 

I'm with you every step of the way!

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Accommodates for families planning either hospital or home birth

An opportunity to learn from leading birth experts & health practitioners

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To any expecting parents - I highly recommend Mama Lee Midwife's online antenatal classes. Lee has a beautiful, peaceful nature as well as extensive life experience as a midwife and is a reservoir of knowledge and wisdom. Virtually all of our questions were answered through accessing the videos and resources within the website - with any remaining personal pregnancy queries addressed thoughtfully in an online interactive Q and A held by Lee. The webpage itself is extremely well designed, easy to navigate, and visually engaging - with a beautiful feel to it that made antenatal classes an informative, very special experience for both of us from the comfort of our lounge room. I couldn't recommend Mama Lee's classes enough!

Lee is such a beautiful soul and her videos were easy to follow, touching - and very educational! I would highly recommend Lee’s videos to any of my friends. Well worth it! Thank you! 🙂
Lee's online classes are a fantastic resource for parents to be. She is informative, supportive and I could feel her warmth through the screen.

Wow, I have never felt so in tune and supported- even though "virtually" by someone before. I think that everything has been covered in the classes, I haven’t come out with any questions, and I think, best of all, I have finished the classes feeling empowered not only as a women, but as a mother to be.
I think that there is still a lot of taboo around childbirth, but you definitely threw that out the window and covered everything there is to know in regard to childbirth.

Mama Lee was so calm and kind when we had questions during our pregnancy that we felt so supported. Lee is an absolute wealth of knowledge and gave us many options throughout the pregnancy that we made decisions we were so grateful for. Thank-you for including my husband in the conversations pre bubba, it made him a valid and useful! Winner!!!

What an amazing resource Lee offers! We loved being able to get enough info to be prepared for our first birth without being overloaded and we could replay the videos which was great leading up to the big day. It was great to be able to learn in our own environment at home and have the opportunity to touch base with any questions the whole way through. Lee was amazing with support too and was so lovely and genuine - she just made you feel so much more relaxed and less anxious about the journey. I highly recommend Mama Lee's online classes to anyone - Thank you for everything 🙂
Our beautiful Aurora June Sophia Allen arrived on the 24th of Jan, I felt so confident and prepared for the birth of our daughter after watching Lees online classes. We had a long calm and natural birth, and she came into the world clear and contented, Thank you Lee 💕

Lois Madeline
Thanks to Mama Lee’s online courses my husband (who couldn’t attend antenatal classes with me) learnt everything he needed to know before our daughter’s birth. We watched the classes together in bed whilst cuddling, it’s was super relaxing. I recommend them even if you have attended the hospital antenatal classes, I personally find a class room setting unsettling so I was able to take more in at home watching the classes.

Lee’s classes were informative, interesting and very supportive. I felt totally confident to ask any questions I needed and felt very nurtured throughout. Lee’s approach was all embracing and the connection for our whole family was wonderful.

Mama Lee's online classes were such an amazing support for me during my second pregnancy. I thought I would remember what pregnancy was like, and how to do everything but honestly, I forgot it all! I really appreciated being able to access the videos and get answers to questions I had about my pregnancy and what was especially nice was that there were support videos for after baby was born which were so useful. Mama Lee is amazing and I am eternally grateful for her care, knowledge and support. Highly recommend her for all your mama needs.

I absolutely loved Mama Lee's antenatal classes! They gave me so much clarity and insight and the step by step process of evolving pregnancy and delivery. I loved the visual and very hands on explanations taught by joyful, warm hearted and bubbly Mama Lee.
I felt her loving spirit was always right next to me guiding me and answering all my questions about pregnancy and delivery.
I loved the course so much that even got it for a friend of mine that is also expecting. She loved the gift and found it incredibly useful!
Thank you Mama Lee for creating this course and sharing your passion and wisdom with us.

A big thank you to all the expert health practitioners, creatives, my guests, animators, and families that have added their wisdom, advice and hearts to the classes. And to Natalie Briney for the gorgeous artwork that has beautifully enriched the visual experience of  

'Mama Lee Online Birth Classes' 

- with much gratitude & love, Mama Lee x